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Channelmanager Overview

ChannelManager is not just a Site Updater, is a full front office system; it offers far more than a site updater; increases business, saves wages and provides many reports. It also makes the hotel/motel run smoother and lets you go on far more .
Previously you could only be on a few sites as they took too much time to update and it was easy to get over booked as you had to constantly go in and out of the last minute sites, when at any moment it was possible for multiple bookings to come through. ChannelManager automatically updates all the last minute sites within 3 to 5 minutes of getting a booking.

When a phone or walk-in booking is made, the Receptionist puts that booking into ChannelManager and the system automatically goes updates all of your sites straight away. ChannelManager has a Day Book, which keeps track of all your bookings automatically. For your staff the bookings appear on the day book as they are made by the provider sites -a guests invoice is created automatically with name, booking number, length of stay, cost & inclusions, guest’s contact number etc. Gone are the days of the rubber and pencil trying to juggle room allocations for guests.

Why Choose Channelmanager?

Imagine the time and resources you will save with a system that updates your entire inventory to the last minute sites automatically while streamlining your front office system & increasing your online revenue?

Channelmanager is totally customisable to suit your business with 3 main modules to choose from, any combination, or the Complete Channelmanager system which include all 3 modules.
  • Unlimited sites updated automatically
  • Complete Inventory Management system
  • No setup fees or lock-in contracts
  • Automatic Guest Invoices
  • Reports – full reporting functionality
  • Services your Reservations 24 hours a day
  • Change price & inventory with one single point of entry
  • Add a Book and Pay Button facility to your face book or other social media page to generate even more bookings
Channelmanager makes your job so much easier in creating automatic bookings, updating Hotel booking providers sites (e.g. Wotif, Bookings.com, Agoda etc), managing room allocations, cancellations and invoicing etc. ChannelManager virtually takes the worry out of your workplace, optimizing your time and resources.

ChannelManager is totally customisable to suit your business with 3 main modules to choose from, any combination or the Complete ChannelManager system which include all 3 modules.

Channelmanager Components....

Day Book
Reflects available & booked rooms. You can also create & cancel bookings, add inclusions, set manager rooms, Stop Sell and update last minute sites

Guest Invoice
When you create a guest invoices (either by phone or walk-in booking) ChannelManager automatically updates all your last minutes websites so you don't have to do anything.

Automatically manages tariffs for multiple nights booking.

Room Configuration
This feature automatically updates ChannelManager with Room Configurations

Checks Email's Automatically
ChannelManager scans your providers' emails and updates itself

Mobile / PDA / Remote Computer / Laptop
You can update ChannelManager for booking/stop cell/update provider sites using your mobile phone, PDA, Remote Computer or Laptop. Stop Sell When your rooms are fully booked, ChannelManager automatically, stops further bookings from all providers. Reports
ChannelManager provides live & accurate reports on accommodation, additional charges, occupancy rates, average sales/room, daily number of rooms and source of bookings.

SMS Messaging
ChannelManager lets you leave your office and everything keeps going as bookings are being created on all the booking provider sites automatically. You can also switch to booking alert, using SMS messaging which sends you a message to your mobile phone as soon as any automatic bookings come through, allowing you to even manage any phone bookings while out of the office.

The original
Channel Manager

Colin and Jeanette Hatcher have spent many years creating and managing hotels throughout Australia. They understand the issues both large and small that effects Hoteliers of all sizes and have addressed these through ChannelManager. Colin and Jeannette decided to share the advantages and benefits of using ChannelManager with the hotel industry in Australia and the rest of the world creating the original channel manager.

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